Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow Collection

NEW! Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow Collection (Photos and Swatches of the Complete 14 New Shades)

The fun never stops at VO as there is always something to look forward to! Case in point – these eye-catching new Virginia Olsen eyeshadow collection! 

I was provided sample pots to play with and here are some exclusive photos and swatches of the new Virginia Olsen eyeshadow collection. All shots taken under natural lighting. Total of 14 shades in the 2014 collection, and I categorized them into shimmers, mattes, glitters, and highlighter/blush.

Plus, check out the latest addition to Virginia Olsen’s wide range of pure mineral/organic products! I won’t spoil it, so go ahead and take a look at the end of this post! 😉

Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow Collection: Swatches, Photos and Quick Review

Now onto the shimmery eyeshadows…

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Shimmery

There is Straight Up, Gun Metal, Cloud, Mermaid, and Champagne

*ohmygosh did I read that right? There’s Gun Metal? There’s also a same name and shade like that in Naked 1 palette!*

Yes and yep. But I dare say (and without any biases, I love both brands anyways, so..) the Gun Metal from VO is much more pigmented. I was supposed to show a swatch comparison but I left my NP in the office, so next time! 

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Shimmery Swatches

Okay, moving on to the mattes. 

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Matte

Oh wow, where to begin? I love neutrals – Darling and Hazel Eyes will definitely get more use from me! And a pop of Soda Pop (how cute) once in a while is okay too! I like the deep colors of Grape Vine and Wine Matte, perfect for night looks.    

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Matte Swatches

VO will also release two new highlighter/blush! 

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Highlighter

Angelic is best suited for fairer skin tone, while Innocence for darker skin tone. 

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Highlighter Swatches

Both is meant to add glow and highlight your cheekbones. 

These last two pigments – Supernova and Magical – are actually glitters. 

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Glitters

These would most likely appeal to those who love making avant-garde looks and like experimenting with makeup. Definitely cheaper alternative to MAC glitters, too! 

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Glitters Swatches

Okay, you’ve come too far in this post already, congrats! Now to break an equally exciting news! VO will also release a primer! Not just any other primer… but an organic one! Y’know, to keep up with the holistic mineral/organic product range we all love from this US brand. 

Virginia Olsen 2014 Collection - Eye Prime

It’s called Eye Prime, and as the name suggests, its used for the eyes (as opposed to the whole face kind of primer). Eyeshadow primers are supposed to make the pigments more vibrant and last longer. And now that VO introduces glitters to its product range, it just makes sense to have eye primer available as well so that the glitters and loose pigments have something to adhere to when applied on the lids.

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The 2014 collection will be available this July 2014 in and  

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