back to the 80s

Sunday Selfie: Back to the 80’s

Didn’t realize my look for today was very 80’s until my sister and mom pointed it out! I know it’s summer and effin hot as hell but I get really chilly inside the cinema so I chose to wear this oversized sweater. I bought it from my classmate a few months ago, go check her online shop Style Shop Manila for affordable fashionable finds!

80’s inspired OOTD

Back to the 80's

Have you guys seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier? All I can say is damn you, Chris Evans and your smoldering stare, I cannot concentrate on the movie. Marry me and let’s have cute kids together! Lols!

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Back to work tomorrow, enjoy the rest of Sunday y’all! As for me, I have to cram a hella lot of things, but that’s how my Sunday usually goes so yeah, gotta bounce!

P.S. Free hugs can be comforting. Free hugs from a life-size M&M? Ten times better! 😀

Back to the 80's

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