Japan Home Center Haul

Japan Home Center Haul – Shocking 88 Pesos Only

This entry is a month late. I meant to post my mini Japan Home Center haul before, but obviously I forgot. Oops. I bought all of these last Valentine’s day. Why date when you can shop? Hahaha kidding! Note though that I didn’t include anymore kitchen and home stuff which my mom and I also bought. In the end, we left the store with around 17 items in 2 huge plastic bags. Dear ladies (and gents?), we discovered the joy of shopping in Japan Home Center, where everything is ridiculously priced at Php88 and below! God bless Japan!

Let’s begin!

What did I get for my Japan Home Center Haul?

Japan Home Center Haul

This transparent accessory kit is a must have the moment I saw it. Normally this would cost around Php200-300 in the department store.

Japan Home Center Haul

It now houses my mini collection of nail polishes.

Japan Home Center Haul

I used the upper part of the transparent kit for some of my accessories. (On a side note: I’m still looking for a necklace stand for longer necklaces… do you know any?)

Japan Home Center Haul

I just couldn’t resist these colorful markers and pens!

Check their website for a branch near you.

Do you enjoy shopping hauls posts just as much as I do? I’m probably weird but I love finding out the cheap deals and bargains others got. Haha! Till the next post! 😉

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