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Hi everyone!!! If tomorrow’s gonna be the end of the world (according to some crazy predictions), I’m happy to say I spent my day wisely today! HAHA :P

I attended the media launch of Xenical at the Residences Tower, Greenbelt Complex, wherein lifestyle bloggers and media partners were invited. I was excited when I received the email/e-vite for this exclusive event. I tagged along Charles and Say as well.

As usual, I’ll share what happened through photos :) 

The event was supposed to start at 2PM, but as luck would have it, Charles and I arrived an hour late (fashionably late… NAAAT). They were already done eating and the product manager was already talking about Xenical and the launching of Club New You. The Q&A portion was about to start as well. 

Oh by the way, guess who hosted the event? None other than Ms. Bianca Valerio!!! I was starstruck, I’m a big fan of hers! And to be just inches away from her is just wooow! :D 

See how close I was from her? Heehee! She’s actually nice and approachable. 

Anyway so back to the Q&A portion, so here were the guys from Xenical answering some questions from the audience. Someone asked why does Xenical made them go involuntary to the CR. They answered that when you eat lots of fats and oily food, the tendency is that the pill would burn those and you have to let them out. They suggested to wear diapers or panty liner when taking this. Or better yet, don’t eat fatty and oily food while taking this pill.

Everyone in the room definitely learned a whole lot more about Xenical. So many questions were raised, and they were answered properly. But I’m sure everyone was excited for the main event… the Zumba experience! 

Here’s the awesome Zumba expert and our instructor for the day. If I got her name right, she’s Ms. Madel :)

Love the colorful bandanas provided for us by Xenical :) And look at these ladies (and some gents) grooving their bodies! Zumba, a form of dance-fitness, is definitely so much fun to do when you’re in a group. 

So much energy in the house! :)

And yes, that’s model Ornusa Cadness! She’s very friendly and funny :)  

After what seems like an hour of Zumba dancing, it was time’s up already! Wheeew! Some steps were hard to follow, I tell you! But very fuuun!!! :)

Anyway, after that we were just snapping photos away! I guess because we arrived late, we don’t want to leave right away. 

With the beautiful Ms. Bianca Valerio :) Haha nevermind that I wasn’t totally prepared (outfitwise and facewise), I just have to have a picture with her! *fan mode on*

And here, with Ornusa Cadness! She has to bend because unfortunately, I was too short for her HAHA jazz kiddin’. 

With Say and Charles! Shout out to Charles, she’s full of high spirit. I love her enthusiasm :) 

I know this should be a fitness sort of event… but gaahhh, why do they have to serve such delicious food??? The buffet was quite tempting! HAHA

On my plate: pasta, pork satay and macaroons. Yum yum yum… but calories, calories and more calories!!!

Ohh I forgot to take a photo of the loot bag but they gave us Xenical tablets. It will be my first time to try it, if ever I’ll try it indeed. I’m chicken scared!!! But I’ll keep you guys posted. 

Just curious, have any of you tried taking Xenical or any diet pills before? Share your feedbacks or experiences! I’d like to know from firsthand users themselves. And have you experienced Zumba? Or any other dance fitness programs? Tell me all about them. 

You can visit Xenical’s website for more information. Also check the website of Club New You if you are interested in a program that aims to serve Filipinos who are looking for a holistic and effective way to loss weight. 

So I guess that’s about it. Thank you Ms. Maica Ylagan for the invitation. And the whole Xenical team for being so accommodating. :)

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