Chakra Massage in BlueWater Day Spa

You probably have heard or tried Swedish or Thai massage, but I bet not this new massage to hit the Philippines - the Chakra massage! 

In its effort to continuously bring newer and more revolutionary treatments to spa aficionados and health buff, BlueWater Day Spa recently invited the respected international teacher and trainor Ms. Ranjeet Kour to Manila. She trained the staff at BlueWater to ensure the authenticity of the Chakra massage experience to their clients. BlueWater is the first spa establishment to bring this new massage treatment to the Philippines! And I was invited to see how it is done before it becomes available to the public soon. 

Before I explain all about Chakra, look at the nice spa/theater room at BlueWater Day Spa in their Ortigas-Greenhills branch. It was actually my first time inside, though I always see the building going to Greenhills Shopping Center. 

Here’s Ms. Ranjeet explaining to the curious audience all about Chakra! Apparently, Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “WHEEL”. There are hundreds of Chakra’s located on our body and if blocked then energy cannot flow through our body which may cause diseases in our body. Chakra Healing Therapy is mainly concerned with the seven major chakras which are found next to the hormonal gland of our body. 

They use the traditional stones and crystals in this massage treatment. There are also different kinds of oil used.

Here’s Ian Batherson, Survivor Philippines’ finalist and one of BlueWater Day Spa’s celebrity endorsers. He was one lucky man that day coz he experienced Chakra massage for the first time.

The spa therapist concentrating on the crystal. 

If the whole lying-down-on-the-bed spa is not your thing (I know some men are hesitant with this one), then the Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage is for you. I think it’s a dry massage so it’s perfect for those who do not want oil spread all over their body. 

After the Chakra massage, Ian was all smile! He said the massage was one of its kind and it really relaxed and rejuvenated him. I was actually surprised he was able to fall asleep despite the noise (Ms. Ranjeet talking and us taking snapshots of him). 

Ms. Ranjeet and Ian.

Ian with me and Jirbie! We sneaked out of the office coz the launch was held in the afternoon. Good thing our office is nearby lang. :P

Food catered by Chef Noodles! Yummy! :P There’s a Chef Noodles just at the ground floor of our office building! Small world! Haha! 

Me and Ayzee! Great seeing you there, Ayzee!

BlueWater Day Spa has 5 branches within Metro Manila: Ortigas-Greenhills, Makati, Capitol Hills, Eastwood City, and Tomas Morato. And one in Cotabato City.

You may visit their website at for more information.

*Special thanks to Ms. Judy Nuevo and BlueWater Day Spa for the invitation! 

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