Product Review: Krave Minerale

Finally posting my review of the Krave Minerale products that I got from Kim! (Thank you again, KimPossibly Gorgeous ;D).

Okay, let us start with the Blush Crush and Complexion Perfection. Both are enclosed in a small round plastic sifter container. I tried removing the sticker used in covering the sifter, but to no avail. So I just remove the whole sifter when using these two products, then of course placing it back once I’m done to avoid spillage. 

Both are in powder form. I honestly like my blush to be in powder form coz it’s easier to blend on my cheeks as compared to gel or liquid, which in my case sometimes leave streaks. As for the foundation, I’m happy that it is in loose powder form because I’m really looking for one. All of my foundations are liquid or compact powder types! So I can say this was really God-sent… or well, Kim-sent. ;) 

Here’s the swatch on the back of my hand of the Krave Blush Crush with Kosher Rice Powder and Natural SPF in Pink Muffin (whewww haba?!!). The color may be too shocking and shimmery at first, but after blending it with my finger, it seems unnoticeable already (see right photo). AWESOME!!!

Swatch of Krave Complexion Perfection Broad Spectrum SPF Oil Control Foundation in Custard. It seems too light for my skin tone but it blended well after rubbing my finger on it. As for the “oil control” it claims, I’m happy to report that after applying this (and Krave Mist Spritz Makeup Setting Face Mist), I had to blot only once throughout the 6 hours I was out for the day. I also like how it instantly evens out my face with minimal concealer here and there. ;)

The Krave Organic Liquid Foundation (in Tiramisu), on the other hand, made my face too sticky after application. So what I do, I put the Complexion Perfection afterwards for a matte finish. I honestly have many other liquid foundations to finish up, but this one has so many benefits plus it’s ORGANIC (thus, more safe for my face) so I’ll continue using this one first. I forgot to mention this organic liquid foundation has carrot oil, Aloe vera, Rosemary and Vitamin E. Packaging also states the following — Oil balancing, with Natural SPF, non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic. Looks promising, huh??? YOU ALREADY! :D

Here we have the Krave Organic Liquid Foundation, Krave Mist Spritz Makeup Setting Face, and Krave Moisturizing Lip Shimmer. I have to say that before this, I never have any Makeup Setting Face Mist, so I’m happy this was included in my loot bag. :D The packaging states this product is “anti-oxidant (Green Tea), anti-aging (White Tea), and anti-bacterial (Rooibos Tea)”. But all I’m really after is if this dries up fast after spraying on my face, which fortunately it does! And lastly, the Moisturizing Lip Shimmer with shea butter, vitamin E, and raspberry (in Chili Red), is heavenly to put on my lips! Not at all sticky!  

And here I am using all five products! Woot, au naturel? 

I only have some concerns though. I wonder why the manufacturing date and expiry date not printed on the label? I’m sure even mineral cosmetics expire, right? (edited: I learned that mineral makeup do NOT expire! I stand corrected). Also, I really hope they improve the packaging more coz sometimes, sticker just won’t cut it. I learned from my Integrated Marketing Communication class that packaging is just as important as the product itself because it continues to communicate even after the customer purchases it. (Yes, this is the geek marketing grad talking, okay imma shut up now).  

Once again, thanks to Krave Minerale and KimPossibly Gorgeous for making me possibly gorgeous! LOWLS. 

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