New and Improved: Avon Skin So Soft

I was very fortunate to be given the complete set of the new and improved range of Avon Skin So Soft line which includes body wash, hand and body lotion. As mentioned in my previous post (read more about my Avon Plant Tour and Skin So Soft product launch here), here are more product information on each and one of them! Some are not yet out in the market and I’m sharing the tidbits to all of you first! :)

What I like about the Skin So Soft range is that most skin problems are addressed by their wide array of products in the three main lines namely Soft & White, Silky Moisture, and Firming & Restoring. You want fairer skin? There’s the whole Soft & White product line for you! Want moisturized skin? Then try the Silky Moisture ones. There’s even a cellulite minimizer lotion! Wow talk about a really complete set, huh? 

Skin So Soft Soft & White is infused with Marula Oil — a natural oil rich in antioxidants and known to lighten skin. Also, because of its Advanced Brightening Complex that dials down dark skin pigments as it dials up light skin pigments, you can enjoy instantly whiter skin in just 7 days!

Whitening Body Wash - Cleans with a rich, foamy lather (250 mL | Regular price P330).
Radiant Glow Hand & Body Lotion - Whitens and makes skin glow radiantly with its Pearl Powder (250 mL | Regular Price P330). 
Protect & Enhance Body Lotion - Whitens and protects your skin from the sun with SPF 12 (250 mL | Regular PriceP330).

Whitening Hand Cream - Hands look younger, healthier and radiant (75 mL | Regular Price P200. Available starting September 16, 2012).
Cellulite Minimizer Lotion - Whitens and smoothens the appearance of cellulite in just 2 weeks through Triple Firm Technology (250 mL | Regular Price P350).
Intensive Whitening Hand & Body Lotion - Immediately whitens skin after the first application (250 mL | Regular P350. Available starting September 16, 2012).

Skin So Soft Silky Moisture’s long-lasting moisturization leaves the skin looking vibrant while Skin Softening Nourishers and Essential Vitamin E penetrate skin’s surface layers to provide lasting moisture. It contains Argan Oil that aids in hydrating dry to extra dry skin.

Replenishing Body Lotion - Provides long lastung, 24-hour moisturization (250 mL | Regular Price P300).
Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion - Boosts skin moisture by 133% (250 mL | Regular Price P300. Available starting October 1, 2012).

Creamy Body Wash - Cleans with ultra creamy lather for a softer smoother skin (250 mL | Regular Price P300).
Roll-in Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Provides all-day freshness (40 mL | Regular Price P135).

Skin So Soft Firming and Restoring is formulated with the Triple Firming Complex that rejuvenates skin vitality and boosts its firmness. The Babassu oil it contains ensures that the skin is moisturized and well-conditioned. In just two weeks, a firmer, healthier skin can be seen and felt.

Hand and Body Lotion - Firmer and tighter skin in 1 week (250 mL | Regular Price P350).
Rejuvenating Body Wash - Cleans and exfoliates skin while maintaining its natural moisture (250 mL | Regular Price P350).

I’m sure with all these products that I just mentioned something caught your interest! So what are you waiting for? Contact your Avon lady now and get these Skin So Soft products! :)

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