Easy Gradient Nails Tutorial

OMYGOSSSSH. I actually did it! It was my first time to do this gradient effect on my nails so, please bear with my excitement! 

It was really easy I wonder why I did not try it sooner!!! 

I used 3 different shades of orange, the darker being the base color. Then I got a sponge (old foundation / face powder sponge would do) and swiped a little portion with a lighter shade of orange. I gently applied the sponge on the top half of my nails. I did the same with my lightest shade of orange, swiped it on the sponge, but this time I applied it only on the topmost part of my nail bed. After that, I thought it was kinda plain so I french-tipped it with a gold glitter nail polish. Lastly, I applied a top coat. Done! Easy peasy huh?

My nails are definitely ready for summer! <3

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