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Saladbox x Skin Food Sparty

I rarely have “me time” these days, so when Saladbox invited me to an exclusive Skin Food SPA-rty a few weekends ago, I immediately said yes! It was held at Nail Cocktales, a posh nail salon along Tomas Morato.


Nail Cocktales pampered us with foot spa, mani and pedi session. Of course, the products they used were all Skin Food! I had a hard time choosing colors and these aren’t their complete shades yet! They only brought mostly shades of blue for some reason…


I ended up with this pastel blue for my toes…


And this electric blue for my hands…


Although I have to say that my mani didn’t last long, actually only a day long and then it started chipping off already which really sucks! I hate seeing chipped off polish cos I’m too lazy to remove it. I think the ate who did my nails forgot to put top coat, that or the quality of the polish isn’t good, I don’t know. But my pedi lasted long naman, thank goodness! 


With my fellow blogger Ana. Great catching up with you! :)


Me after getting a foot spa! Ahhh super relaxing! 


It was also great seeing fellow bloggers Bing and Jen again! :) 

Anyway, after that foot-spa-mani-pedi session, there was a makeup demo.



Spot Ana Victorino in the picture above, lols! Hi Ana!!! 


Here’s the after photo of the model. Nice everyday makeup look! 

We also got to see some of Skin Food’s wide array of beauty products during the event. If you didn’t know yet, Skin Food originated from South Korea and its been in the industry since 1957. 


They have eyeshadow, blush, foundation, powder, facial mask, lipstick, body oil, etc. 


During the makeup demo I discovered Skin Food’s Queens Baking Choco Smoky Dual Brow — which I am so totally buying once I’m done with my Majolica Majolica eyebrow mascara! I like two-in-one products cos it saves space in my kikay kit. Btw, it’s only around Php700 plus if you’re also interested. 


They also shared with us more about their newest product lines, one of which is the Black Pomegranate. It’s a skin-voluming line that contains black pomegranate to actively prolong skin aging and inhibit hyperpigmentation for smooth, supple skin. Another key ingredient is hyaluronic acid which instantly replenish skin’s moisture and fill lines and creases caused by skin aging. This line includes Toner (Php1450), Emulsion (Php1450), Voluming Serum (Php1835), Cream (Php1675), and Filler (Php1600). 


Another latest line is this Black Sugar Perfect Fist Serum (Gold Edition). The mention of gold in its name explains the hefty price tag of Php1600! It’s a dual-functioning luxurious first serum that contains black sugar extract to soften and smooth dry, rough skin. The precious gold is added to promote a luxurious glow. It comes with a special cotton pad which I’m quite intrigued with cos it has a different texture. The SA said to use the cleaning side of the pad to wipe off dead skin cells and impurities, and then use the absorbing side to absorb surplus serum in gentle patting motions. 


I got to take home this HUGE Saladbox containing, of course, all Skin Food products! I’m excited to use the Black Sugar Serum! I’ll update you once I see a result or something. 

I’m not sure if Saladbox still has limited edition Skin Food boxes left but if they do, better grab one already! It’s only Php333! 

Thank you Saladbox, Skin Food and Nail Cocktales for an afternoon of pampering! <3

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Sunday Selfie: Something Vintage


This pretty little dressing room deserves some #selfie! Plus, the dress I tried on looks really cute! Whachathink? It’s from Aeropostale and it’s down to Php995 from 2000plus!!! Did I get it? Nope! HAHA! When your sisters tell you their super belated gift is a shopping-spree-afternoon, it can get tough choosing! True story! Why can’t it be my birthday every goddamn day? WHY?! I hope you guys had an easy breezy Sunday! ;)

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Sunday Selfie: Back to the 80’s

retro style

Didn’t realize my look for today was very 80’s until my sister and mom pointed it out! I know it’s summer and effin hot as hell but I get really chilly inside the cinema so I chose to wear this oversized sweater. I bought it from my classmate a few months ago, go check her online shop Style Shop Manila for affordable fashionable finds!  

Have you guys seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier? All I can say is damn you, Chris Evans and your smoldering stare, I cannot concentrate on the movie. Marry me and let’s have cute kids together! Lols! Back to work tomorrow, enjoy the rest of Sunday y’all! As for me, I have to cram a hella lot of things, but that’s how my Sunday usually goes so yeah, gotta bounce!

P.S. Free hugs can be comforting. Free hugs from a life-size M&M? Ten times better! :D

free hugs

Surfing Experience at Baler

You know that old adage fall seven times, stand up eight? I never really put much thought to that saying until I tried surfing for the first time! I did not just fall seven times — I’ll be honest and tell you I fell more times than I was able to stand up on that goddamn board! Yes, I know I suck at surfing, okay! But on the few (lucky) times I was able to balance myself on top of the surfboard, I suddenly didn’t mind the whole trying-falling-and then trying some more part. Ha, yes, this girl ain’t a quitter, yo! Tips for newbies like me, surf during low tide! The waves during high tide can be such a bitch! Hello, bruises! :( Ohh and do wear rash guard with LONG sleeves. Apparently, it’s really called rash guard for a reason, which my friend learned the hard, itchy way.

Baler Waves


Beers are cheap at Baler Surfer Grill! There’s really not much to do at night other than drinking and playing cards and staring at the vastness of the ocean under the moonlight. ;) 



When in Baler, I highly recommend that you stay at Bay’s Inn or Bayler’s View, or if you feel like coughing out some more money, try Costa Pacifica. Unfortunately, these were all fully-booked when we were there two weekends ago. We were left with not much choice and ended up with Moreno Lodge, a tiny nipa hut-like accommodation that — with all fairness — has aircon, cable tv and hot shower naman. BUT, and the big BUT, its too small even for just a single person! And the bathroom, ughh, I don’t even want to describe it. 

Anyway, if you want to spend the summer in Baler, do get in touch with Bart of Istokewa (a friend recommended him to us). He was the one who arranged everything for us from transportation (private van), lodging, surfing lessons, and city tour for a reasonable price.

Hmmm, I think I want to try La Union next! Let’s see if I can this summer! PS Sorry for the sucky camera phone photos, heehee! Follow me on Instagram @hazelsalcedo for more updates! :)