NEW L’Oreal Collection Star by Colour Riche Product Review, Photos and Swatches

Finding the right nude, or what they call in the blogsphere — my lips but better (MLBB) — lipstick shade can be quite a challenge. And I’m sure I’m not alone on this. There can be a lot of factors why it’s hard to find the perfect nude shade. One being we all have different skin tones and for a lipstick to be considered nude/MLBB it has to match your skin that it seems to be the same color. Our natural lip color plays a huge factor as well. Off the makeup counter it looks good, but once applied to the lips we feel disheartened because it’s not the MLLB lippie we want.

A few days ago I received this pretty package from L’Oreal. Okay now what is the connection of this with my opening paragraph, you ask? Well, L’Oreal brings forth a bunch of neutral hues with their new Collection Star by Colour Riche! It’s a limited edition collection made specially for the Asian market and this line boasts of five barely-there lipstick colors.

Now the question is, did I find the right match for me? Stick with me cos I will show photos and swatches. And you be the judge! :)

Loreal Collection Star by Colour Riche

But before that, let me introduce to you the lovely STARS on the cover (as seen above) and which shades they represented. L-R: Doutzen Kroes (Barely Pink), Sonam Kapoor (Barely Plum), Jennifer Lopez (Barely Greige), Gong Li (Barely Moka), and Fan Bingbing (Barely Coral). I only know JLo but I’m sure the others are stars in their own right too. 

Loreal Collection Star by Colour Riche

The signature of each star is printed on the lipstick cap of the shade they represent, as shown below. By the way, I’m loving the sort of rose gold packaging and that the shade is clearly visible. 

Loreal Collection Star by Colour Riche

Loreal Collection Star by Colour Riche

Loreal Collection Star by Colour Riche

Pretty packaging aside, here is the moment of truth! 

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How To Make Your Home or Room Smell Great

I wasn’t fully aware that I have a crazy obsession with home/room scents until I realized I have these things scattered all over the room I share with two of my sisters! I just knew I love picking and smelling these things up when I see one. I’m a curious cat like that. I like the smell of spa places so I’m pretty sure that’s the reason behind all these room fragrances.

Here are some products you can try to make your home/room smell great! And check out below to find out which is my latest find! :)

Top 5 Home Scents

How To Make Your Home or Room Smell Amazing

Scented Candle

I like lighting up this lavender cedarwood scented candle whenever I take a long bath. Although I was kind of disappointed because this doesn’t entirely fill the bathroom with lavender scent as I thought it would, I learned to live with the limitation of scented candles. Or that of cheap, department-store-bought ones. My wishlist: Diptyque scented candles, please! 

Fragrance Diffuser

On cozy (rainy) nights that I just want to relax and read a good book, I dip a stick and allow the oil to sip through. The subtle scent is enough to keep me feeling comfy, and for a moment I feel like my life is in order (although in reality, it isn’t). I already finished a whole bottle of lavender fragrance diffuser I bought from the department store (the brand is called at home). 

So, it was time to buy a new one! Look what I found while browsing through a Bench store (if you’re following me on Instagram you probably have seen it already). I didn’t know they carry home products, or maybe I wasn’t really just paying attention before. 

Daphne Home Scents

Daphne Home Scents have 3 variants available — Mint Jasmine Infusion, Acres of Lavender, and Green Forest Pine. I bought the last one (as pictured above) for Php349. It smells refreshing! 

TIP! Allow 15-20 minutes for the fragrance oil to be absorbed by the stick then flip it over so that the soaked part will be exposed into the air. 

Room Spray

Easy way to make the room smell great instantly is by spraying room fragrance! Unlike scented candle or fragrance diffuser which could take time in bringing out the scent to the room, room sprays take effect immediately. I like Zen Zest Aromatherapy Room Fragrance. I bought the one labeled as “Uplifting,” and its invigorating scent easily makes me upbeat. The other room spray you can try is the one from Messy Bessy. It’s linen spray but it says in the packaging that it can also be used as room spray. It contains lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, and water, and that’s it. This is your best bet if you want an all-natural room fragrance.

How about you? Do you also like keeping your own home/room smell great? Share what products you’re currently using in the comment section! I love hearing from my readers! Do leave a comment, tweet me at @hazelsalcedo, send questions via my Ask Box, or post a message on my Facebook page. You can also shoot me an email at hazelnot AT yahoo DOT com. Talk to you soon, okay? ❤

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Style Inspiration: What to wear to a meeting

Common excuse of people going to a meeting — "I was too busy/preoccupied doing my presentations I hardly have time to eat, much less think about what to wear!" Sounds familiar?

But honey, like it or not people will and do judge one’s appearance. Who says style and substance can’t go hand in hand? Here’s some style inspiration to look from Ms. Plain Jane to Boardroom Diva! 

Style Inspiration: What to wear to a meeting

Follow my Polyvore for more fashion inspirations! Got Polyvore? Don’t forget to type it down in the comment section so I can check it out! 

Want more #FashionFriday posts? :)

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SPOTTED: Penshoppe steps into online retail with Lazada Philippines

Avid online shoppers would be happy to know that local lifestyle megabrand recently partnered with Philippines’ online shopping mall — That means trendy and affordable fashionable items are now within a few clicks away! My wish is for one day all brands would be available online… even though a person is not ready to purchase yet, it helps to see the price and available items without physically going to the brick and mortar stores. And who knows? Sleepless nights could sometimes induce impulsive shopping (#guilty). So, good job Penshoppe and Lazada for this partnership!

I browsed the collection and came up with this. Here are my top picks for both women’s and men’s clothing. 

Penshoppe and Lazada
Penshoppe and Lazada

So, which one are you — Miss Laid Back or Miss Glamorous? And take a pick — Mister Office Hottie or Boy-Next-Door? :)

Penshoppe can now be purchased from Lazada Philippines by simply logging into For more updates on sales promo and new products, “Like” them on Facebook and visit

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Not an ordinary Monday

I deserve some pat on the back for looking like a decent person today! I miss dressing up for work, but lately it seems like I’m stuck in a fashion rut. Today, well today was different. 

Outfit of the Day - Monday

I decided not to wear my usual jeans + shirt + cardi combo, and wore this girIy skater skirt instead. I’d like to believe I pulled a seemingly decent work attire. I hope I can keep up with this. Let’s see! 

Have a great week ahead, you guys! :)

P.S. Anyone else’s heart got broken aside from mine cos of the news that Adam Levine officially tied the knot? One less hot bachelor in this world. Sad. Speaking of sad, I can’t stop listening to the song Sad by Maroon 5. Somebody stop me.

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